A top-quality product made in Europe

Pure and mild with a fine natural flavour. Carefully produced, following the experience of over 135 years of successful tea growing. The tea is originally packed and directly imported from the Chá Gorreana tea plantation in São Miguel . I have been in personal contact to the owner family for several years. Chá Gorreana is available as black tea or green tea in different varieties.

Black Tea:

Orange Pekoe – 1st leaf – fine tea with light caramel notes and a nice aroma
Pekoe – 2nd leaf – strong tea with a high caffeine content
Broken Leaf – 3rd leaf – mild tea, easily digestible even in large quantities

Green Tea:

Hysson – mixture of all 3 tea leaves – fresh and fruity
Encosta de Bruma – 1st leaf, extra rolled – fine and full-bodied aroma