For the first time we drank Chá Gorreana in an old, beautifully restored farmhouse in Nordeste on São Miguel. In the Azores it is the custom to provide guests with everything they need for the first day of their stay. When we arrived, we were greeted with a loaf of freshly baked, still warm farmhouse bread and a pack of Chá Gorreana Broken Leaf. We were enthusiastic, but attributed the special good taste of the tea to the mild air in the middle of the Gulf Stream, to the unpolluted spring water of the island, in short, to our holiday mood.

Then in Freiburg the surprise: Here too – we think – this all-natural tea, unique in Europe, is a very special pleasure. The idea to make this experience possible for other tea drinkers was born. We are convinced that you will also like Chá Gorreana and are pleased to offer you this delicious and all-natural product.