My principle: You should find your own way to an optimal preparation that suits you by trying it out – for me there are no regulations in terms of a binding recipe. It is generally known that, unlike black tea, green tea is infused with significantly cooled water – approx. 75 ° C. And the same applies: The longer you let the tea steep, the more the caffeine breaks down, the shorter it steeps, the more stimulating the tea.

For my morning Hysson, I take 2-3 teaspoons of leaves to 1 liter of water and then let the tea steep on the warmer for a good 7 minutes. Chá Gorreana green tea unfolds its aromas optimally if you give it enough time and it does not tip over into the bitter – give it a try! A second infusion also tastes very good. I drink my green tea straight with no additives.

I pour the black tea with boiling water, take a little more leaf material – about 3 teaspoons per liter – and let it steep for a good 5 minutes. Black tea is also not bitter and is an extremely tasty drink.